Does Résumé Length Really Matter?

How Long is Too Long?

Whether you're an experienced RN or just entering the field, résumé writing can be an incredibly confusing, tedious and down right annoying task. It can be difficult to summarize your education, experience and skills into a short document, and in such a way that represents all you have to offer a future employer. A common question among new résumé writers is "How long should my résumé be"? Let's tackle this question together...

One Page Rule... is a myth.

Get this idea out of your head from now! I think this myth started as a way to keep résumé writers concise, which I think is a good thing. However, this one page rule has résumé writers using size 6 font and 0.1 inch margins in order to fit pertinent information and "follow the rule." This will have your résumé thrown in the 'No' pile before they even read your name- no recruiter wants to pull out a magnifying glass to read that!

It was hard for me to get this idea out of my head myself but when I graduated from nursing school (a second degree BSN program), I had a two page résumé that was easy to read, concise, and is available for free download here (well the template I used at least ;-).

Now I know I said we can have more than one page- that does not mean your résumé should be a dissertation. It should still be a concise, quick read that represents your experience in the best way. Below are some tips to achieve this:

  • Remember, your résumé should be easy to skim. Bullet points are your friend and each bullet should not be longer than 2-3 lines.