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    This template is perfect for any nurse who is need of a curriculum vitae or CV!  CVs are exteremely comprehensive docuemnts that can be used in place of a resume but are often required for graduate level admissions applications.  We have provided an easy to use template that incorporates most commonly requested information.  Be sure to reference your school's/ job's requirements to ensure our template icludes what you need. This template includes very minimal color components and can be edited to include only black text for those that would prefer a black & white document. The template is pre-formatted and fully personalizeable in a Microsoft Word Document. It includes information regarding what to include in each section along with annotated tips. Please read through all the text in the document and annotated comments for all instructions and information to include.  When you have finished editing, you may remove the comments and annotations from view by clicking the 'Review' tab in Microsoft Word, then click the dropdown menu that says 'All Markup' and click 'No Markup'.  To completely delete comments and annotations, click the 'Review' tab in Microsoft Word the click the dropdown menu next to 'Delete' then click 'Delete All Comments'.  Note: This will only remove comment bubbles/ highlights. It is important to read through all text to ensure you have removed all suggestions and instructions prior to submitting your completed document Please email with any formatting issues or concerns. 
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