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About Us

The ReNegade Approach

The ReNegade Résumé, LLC was founded in 2019 after our founder, Ashley Sayles, realized the great need for nursing- focused résumé and career services overall.  Ashley began to connect with nurses and aspiring nurses from all over the country via social media, and many would ask for résumé and career advice through these channels.  Ashley created the ReNegade Résumé to offer fast & affordable career preparation and management services that nurses can trust.

We understand how difficult it is for new graduate nurses to create a unique resume when most other new graduate nurses all have the same experience and credentials.  Learning from our own personal experiences, we are able to utilize your individuality in a way that is more palatable to hiring professionals.


In the first 3 years since its launch, the ReNegade Résumé has helped over 750 nursing professionals curate a résumé that they feel represents their best professional self. 

For more information or general inquiries, get in touch today.

Our Mission

Here at The ReNegade Résumé, our mission is to empower and educate current and aspiring nurses to showcase their knowledge individuality, skills and experience in the most favorable way to gain employment in their preferred patient care areas. We believe fulfilled career nurses are the backbone of healthcare and our goal is to help each nurse care for the patients they're the most passionate about.

Meet The Founder


Meet Ashley Sayles

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Ashley Sayles is a board certified pediatric  nurse practitioner, travel pediatric cardiac ICU, trauma and critical care registered nurse, and pediatric clinical faculty at the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing.


Born and raised in Queens, NYC,  Ashley attended the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing for both her BSN and MSN education. It was during her time as a nursing student that she was introduced to the art of résumé and cover letter crafting by her mentor and career services specialist.  After spending months editing and re-editing résumés, creating multiple versions for different units, and writing numerous cover letters, Ashley graduated nursing school with confidence in her candidate profile- even though she had no prior healthcare experience and very little work experience overall. Ashley was offered a position in the pediatric ICU as a new graduate RN using the resume template provided here at the ReNegade Résumé.

When Ashley is not working with clients or patients,  she is traveling the world, or cooking a complicated recipe!

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