This service is like magic ! Ashley has assisted me with my resume twice. Both times I got IMMEDIATE call backs for interviews. She very down to earth and will certainly get you the job your aiming for! THANK YOU!!!


Chelsea took her time to read each line in my resume and provide me with extensive feedback in order to adequately improve my resume. I really appreciate her review for completely revamping and improving upon the points I had already made. She took her time and even answered some career questions I had in regards to my future in nursing. I sincerely appreciate the work at the Renegade Resume and I will definitely recommend it to everyone!


During the summer months I had the pleasure of revamping my resume with Ashley. Truthfully, leading up to this point I pretty much "winged it" when it came down to my resume. I decided to make an appointment with Ashley in order to receive constructive feedback on the resume I was able to produce prior. Ashley was able to provide me with some insight on the changes that could be made to give birth to a pretty solid resume. I didn't feel rushed on our call, she asked relevant questions and most importantly she listened to my opinions. It was a learning experience for me and I couldn't be more grateful. I will be using my "NEW" resume for the first time this week and I super excited to present it. Thank you so much for all your help and I'll definitely refer my friends, family and colleagues if they ever need help like I did.


I had an amazing experience utilizing your services!! Ashley was very helpful and insightful. She gave valuable constructive feedback that will help me for years to come. I highly recommend ReNegade Resume and I am glad I found them!


Your site was so helpful and saved me SO MUCH TIME- literally so grateful


Thank you so much for your feedback on my resume and your insider critique! I am so excited to edit my resume using your advice. I finally feel like I've been pointed in the right direction as a new grad nurse!


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"Your instructions on the template are gold because I had no idea where to start...

I got the job!"


I used your resume template to create mine... I never wrote a review because I wasn't getting any callbacks with my resume, however I had to realize that some hospitals hiring process can take forever & now I'm extremely proud to say that within the last couple of weeks I've had 4 callbacks and 1 job offer (so far) & I'm so thankful that I found your resume template, it was very helpful with me getting callbacks!!


Thank you so much for revamping my resume. I am so excited about my future endeavors now that I am not embarrassed about my resume! I will most definently be reaching out to you in the future for any needed updates and edits and will be recommending my colleagues to you! <3


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