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Do You Only Provide Services To Registered Nurses?

No! We provide services to all nursing professionals to include CNA/ GNA, LPN/ LVN, nursing students & advanced practice nurses. We do not typically provide services to other healthcare professionals since we are not as well versed in other disciplines' specific job functions but we can provide you a quick resume, cover letter & personal statement reviews with comments with our Refresh Services. Feel free to email us at with any questions!

How Much Does It Cost To Have My Résumé Edited?

Résumé, cover letter, personal statement, and CV editing prices are based on the level of service you choose and are all located on our website here. If you are not sure what level service you need, please email the document you'd like edited to for a service suggestion. If our editing prices are out of your budget, please check out our awesome, easy-to-use templates here!

So How Does This Work?

When you book a service with us, you'll be provided a link to upload your resume/ cover letter/ personal statement and work history so we can get to work on your document. Then we will go over the completed document via Google Docs on the phone (at the time you choose when you book) to ensure you are happy with your new document. The phone call isn't mandatory, but most of our clients like it because it allows them to add some final touches with our help. If the times for the call shown on the website do not work for your schedule, just shoot us an email and we'll do our best to accomodate you.

Template Downloads

What Format Are Your Template Downloads?

All templates are Microsoft Word .docx files in compatability mode.

How Do I Delete The Comments And Annotations From My Template?

You may remove the comments and annotations from view by clicking the 'Review' tab in Microsoft Word, then click the dropdown menu that says 'All Markup' and click 'No Markup'. To completely delete comments and annotations, click the 'Review' tab in Microsoft Word the click the dropdown menu next to 'Delete' then click 'Delete All Comments'. Note: This will only remove comment bubbles/ highlights. It is important to read through all text to ensure you have removed all suggestions and instructions prior to submitting your completed document If you are still having trouble, please email us at i

I'm Not Sure If I Want Color On My Resume, Can I Make it Black and White?

Yes! If your tempate comes with color, you will absolutely be able to change the font color to Black in Microsoft Word. If you're having trouble with this, please email us at

Editing & Booking

I Would Like My Résumé Edited - How Do I Book?

Please use this link to view all editing services we offer for résumés, cover letters, personal statements, curriculum vitaes & more! Once you select the best service for you, click 'Book Now'.

I'm Not Sure Which Service I Need, HELP!

On our Bookings page, each of our services is fully detailed and can be found when you click the 'read more' link under each service. If you are still unsure, feel free to email your résumé/ cover letter/ personal statement/ CV to for a service recommendation.

I Don't See a Time On Your Calendar When I Will Be Availale For The Phone Call, What Should I Do?

No worries, reach out to use by email at, text at 917-727-6728 or using this link with your availability and we will do our best to accomodate you!

Do I Need To Have A Review Phone Call To Have My Résumé Edited?

A review phone call is not manadatory to have your résumé, cover letter, CV or personal statement edited. IT is highly recommened that you do keep your schedueld phone appointment with the ReNegade to allow us to address any client-specific questions we may have in relaiton to your document andallow you to offer input regarding the edits we have made up until that point. If your schedule does not allow for you to have the review phone call, please book your service and choose any time slot and email us at to let us know you will not be available for the call. Please be sure to make yourself available via text or email for the duration of the document editing process for any questions or concerns that may arrise.

What Is The Turnaround Time For Résumés, Cover Letters, etc?

Our standard turn around time is 7 days from initial consultation phone call If you will need your résumé sooner than our standard 7 day time frame, there will be an additional $15 rush fee per service. This applies to the Refresh and Revamp résumé, cover letter and personal statement services.
All Restart and CV Conversion services have a standard turnaround time of 10 days. If you need a Restart service completed sooner than 10 days, a $15 rush fee will apply.

What Is The Difference Between a Refresh, Revamp and Restart?

A Refresh is best if you have a solid résumé/ CV/ cover letter/ personal statement foundation and would just like a fresh set of eyes to review it. Your résumé/ CV/ cover letter/ personal statemenwill be thoroughly reviewed and annotated with comments, edits and suggestions from a ReNegade. No edits will be made for you with this service. A Revamp is best if you have an outdated résumé/ CV/ cover letter/ personal statement in need of some restructuring and/or reformatting. Your rrésumé/ CV/ cover letter/ personal statement will be thoroughly reviewed and annotated with comments, edits and suggestions from a ReNegade during a one-on-one phone or video call via shared Google document, allowing the client to view edits in real time and make changes with the ReNegade's guidance. A Restart is best if you need to completely rewrite your résumé or have never written a résumé. A ReNegade will review your employment and education history and curate a individualized resume format that most compliments you. During your scheduled appointment, we will review your new resume together and make any necessary additions or edits. Restarts are for résumés and CVs ONLY.

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