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Join us in Negril!

April 3 - 7 2024 | The Inaugural ReNegade Retreat

The ReNegade Retreat Will Feature...

Sunset and Palm Trees

Hosted by Ashley Sayles, CRNP,
Founder & CEO | The ReNegade Resume, LLC

Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, Cardiac Critical Care Nurse, Nurse Educator and Nursing Career Specialist invites you to a 5 day/ 4 night luxury, all-inclusive vacation to her family's country of Jamaica! 

Join 20+ fellow nurses as we connect, unwind and set intentional nursing career goals together- you don't want to miss this!

The Problem

After working through a global pandemic and sacrificing ourselves for our patients, for many of us, the goal is no longer to just secure the job- our goal is to manifest and create the career of their dreams. We're burnt out, ready for a change and need to unwind with those that GET IT.  We want to have lives outside of work, spend time with our families, travel, pursue entrepreneurship and so much more.  We need guidance from our peers to cultivate our goals and we need a safe, understanding space to do so.

Beach Umbrella

The ReNegade Retreat Solution

Here at The ReNegade Résumé, our mission is to empower and educate nurses to showcase their knowledge, individuality, skills and experience in the most favorable way to gain employment in their preferred patient care areas.  We have spent nearly 5 years working with over 1,000 nurses to catapult their careers to the next level by creating résumés, cover letters, and personal statements that highlight their strengths as healthcare providers.

In working with our clients over the years, we have learned nurses need more than an impeccable resume, they need guidance and measurable steps to meet their goals.  

Us nurses also need a BREAK. 

We need to be pampered and have fun.  We need flowing drinks and food and vibes.  We need a clear mind and settled spirit to determine our best next steps and our ultimate goals.  

This is what the ReNegade Retreat will provide. 

Our Founder and CEO, along with a VERY special guest, will guide you through a workshop to help bring your career dreams and goals to reality.  We have done it and have learned the pathways to help other nurses do the same, regardless of your background or level of experience.  We will have a great time while also learning the tips and tricks we've personally used to create the lives of our dreams! 

Are you ready to change your life?

We're Excited To Have You!

Our retreat is now open for booking!

A $300 deposit will secure your spot on our inaugural ReNegade Retreat!

Monthly Payment Plans are available!

Spouses, non-nurse friends, and travel enthusiasts are welcome!

Community Comes First

The ReNegade Résumé recognizes the importance of collaboration among nurses. The ReNegade Retreat offers the opportunity to network with nurses across all scopes in a social, relaxed, judgement-free setting.

Let loose and connect!

We've Helped Over 1,000 Nurses Elevate Their Careers

We have years of experience providing career guidance to nurses from new graduate level to over 40 years experience, including advanced practice nurses. 

No matter your nursing background - the Nursing Career Intensive will help you take it to the next level.


"Thank you so much for your feedback on my resume and your insider critique! I am so excited to edit my resume using your advice. I finally feel like I've been pointed in the right direction as a new grad nurse!"


"I decided to make an appointment with Ashley in order to receive constructive feedback on the resume I was able to produce prior. Ashley was able to provide me with some insight on the changes that could be made to give birth to a pretty solid resume. I didn't feel rushed on our call, she asked relevant questions and most importantly she listened to my opinions"


"This service is like magic ! Ashley has assisted me with my resume twice. Both times I got IMMEDIATE call backs for interviews. She very down to earth and will certainly get you the job your aiming for! THANK YOU!!!"

Meet Your Host

Ashley Sayles, MSN, CRNP, CPNP-PC

Ashley is a board certified pediatric nurse practitioner, experienced pediatric cardiac and trauma intensive care nurse, nurse faculty member, resume editor, nursing career strategist and founder & CEO of The ReNegade Resume, LLC.  Ashley is the epitome of a nurse 'Jill of all trades'- in her 10 years in the field, she has explored nearly a dozen roles within nursing and has perfected the art of balancing life, work and overall satisfaction as a healthcare worker.​In her work with over 500 nurse resume clients, she realized that nurses not only need help with career documents, they need help with navigating career options and opportunities! ​Meet Ashley and learn how she manifested the career of her dreams in Spring 2024 at the inaugural ReNegade Retreat

Meet Your Co-Host

Morgan, PMHNP

Morgan is a board-certified psychiatric / mental health nurse practitioner, whose journey and global experiences uniquely positions her as an unparalleled advocate and educator in the realm of mental health. Rooted in a profound understanding that well-being goes beyond material possessions, Morgan has traversed 44 countries. She believes in curating experiences that teach and inspire, aiming to touch the milestone of 100 countries by age 35. 

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