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Welcome to The ReNegade Résumé- your one-stop shop for résumé, cover letter, personal statement and interview preperation services specifically for the entire nursing community.

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“I had an amazing experience utilizing your services!! Ashley was very helpful and insightful. She gave valuable constructive feedback that will help me for years to come. I highly recommend ReNegade Resume and I am glad I found them!” 


“This service is like magic! Ashley has assisted me with my resume twice. Both times I got IMMEDIATE call backs for interviews. She very down to earth and will certainly get you the job your aiming for! THANK YOU!!!” 


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Abandon Conformity. Embrace Individuality.

The ReNegade Résumé provides students, new graduate, novice and advanced practice nurses (CNA/ GNA and LPN/ LVNs too!) with comprehensive and individualized résumé and interview services. We emphasize our clients’ unique personality and experiences to ensure your candidate portfolio is captivating and reflects the best version of you!

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To Cover Letter or Not to Cover Letter

When I hear the term cover letter, my mind puts them in the category of landlines, dial-up internet and mp3 players- old school. Most employers have done away with the mandatory cover letter for prospective employees and many of my fellow résumé editors and career strategists may tell you there’s no need to submit one in t

I’m with you. If it’s optional, why do it? Let’s talk about it.

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